Jumu’ah Bone Marrow Registration Drive to Find Zaki’s Match

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Brother Zaki Omar has been battling leukemia cancer. He is in critical need of a bone marrow donor. His doctors have checked the national database and there are currently no matches.

Ethnicity plays a crucial role in saving Zaki’s life. Since there is currently a major shortage of Afghans/Central Asians, South Asians, and Middle Easterners in the registry, Zaki’s chances for a match are slim.

MCC is #ZakStrong and we are giving hope to our dear brother Zaki with two bone marrow drives at the community center on Jan. 26 and March 2:


Let’s help find his match. Learn more about Zaki at join.bethematch.org/zakstrong

On March 2, before or after Jumu’ah take five minutes for a quick cotton cheek swab and give hope to thousands of blood cancer patients like Brother Zaki across the country.

To register on the Bone Marrow Registry, you must:

– Be between the age of 18-44
– Meet the general health guidelines
– Fill out a consent form
– Do a simple cotton cheek swab

Matching on the registry generally depends on a patient’s ethnicity. Caucasians make 61 percent of 12.5 million people of the national registry. That compares to South Asians/Asians who only make 6 percent of the database. Because of this big gap, patients in the community from Asia and other ethnic patients struggle to find a match.

Every four minutes someone someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Therea are over 14,000 patients in need of a bone marrow or stem-cell donor. To match with a donor, ethnicity plays a crucial role. By registering today, you could be the one to save a life!

1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. | Friday, March 2 | MCC Banquet Hall

The cure is inside you. For more information, please visit: