Women’s Burda Gatherings to Express Prophetic Love

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Join us for a recitation of the Blessed Burda of Imam Busairi and reflections imbuing love of the Prophetic Household.

We will have monthly recitation of the celebrated Burda of Imam Busairi with Ustadha Mona ElZankaly, Ustadah Roya Ataie, and Ustadah Nihad Hammoudeh. As the most celebrated poem in praise of the Prophet, upon him be peace and prayers, the Burda has held a place in Islamic scholarship and gatherings for centuries. So poignant are its meanings, and so beneficial its effect on believing hearts, that its verses were chosen to adorn the very mosque of the Prophet, upon him be prayers and peace. It is our hope that its place in the life of every Muslim is revived and handed down for generations to come.

Along with the Burda, Ustadha Mona will deliver a lesson series emphasizing the love of the Prophetic family incumbent on all believers. Ustadha Mona will bring to life the virtues and descriptions of the ladies of the blessed family, and the centrality of Sayyida Fatima az-Zahra, the beloved daughter of the Prophet, in the life of every Muslim woman. We will also reflect at length upon this precious knowledge, in order to deeply imbue within our hearts the virtue of knowing, remembering, imitating, loving and extolling the lofty rank of the Prophetic household.

The gathering are at 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the ​​last​ Saturday of each Islamic month​.

Ladies, girls and boys under 8 are welcome.

Questions? sabeen@mcceastbay.org