Storytime with Khala Emira

Each month, Khala Emira Mustafa chooses an Islamic theme and entertains our young children with stories and a craft session. This is a fun, simple, and engaging way to incorporate more positive Islamic values into our children.

Storytime with Khala Sahar

Each month, Khala Sahar Javed reads and entertains our young children in an engaging hour for ages 2 to 14 with a fun theme.

Toddler Playgroup Sessions

Starting July 27, Happy Hearts Playgroup Facilitator Sr. Khadija will lead a five-week summer session for toddlers and pre-schoolers (ages 1-5) where they will develop a love for Islam, Allah (swt), and RasulAllah (saw) through book reading, sing-alongs, Parachute Time, activities, and more!