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In preparation for the beautiful month of Ramadan, MCC invites parents and teens (13 to 19) to participate in an open forum intended to bridge the generational gap and help navigate difficult discussions, answer complex questions, and bring clarity to both groups about effective ways to communicate and encourage harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our panelists include local community members Azmat Zeeshan Mukhtar, Hina Khan-Mukhtar, Hosai Mojaddidi, and Haroon Sellars. They each bring 10+ years of experience as both parents and educators who work closely with children and teens of all backgrounds.

1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Zuhr to Asr) | Sat., April 13 | $20/family (lunch included)

  • Register at mcceastbay.org/gap
  • Teens are invited to give us insights about your life challenges and results will be shared during the panel: mcceastbay.org/survey
  • Parents and teens are invited to ask their questions, bring up their concerns, and express their feelings about any topic they wish at: mcceastbay.org/questions

Babysitting $5/child. Separate parallel program for children ages 4 to 13. Register at mcceastbay.org/animals

Prior to the event, the panel will review all submitted questions and do their due diligence to answer each one. They will also take live questions during the event, if time permits. Pre-submitted questions receive priority.  We strongly encourage both parents and teens to submit questions ahead of time at mcceastbay.org/questions.

This event will be livestreamed and recorded. Questions? events@mcceastbay.org

MCC has a standing policy that financial need should never hold a person from attaining religious or spiritual knowledge for events held at the Muslim Community Center. Request a waiver for this workshop at mcceastbay.org/scholarship