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The night of the Prophet’s heavenly ascension (Al Isra Wal Mi’raj) is commemorated this year on Tuesday, April 2.
Join Imam Zaid Shakir for this free talk to discuss this faith-affirming night journey from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Isha is at 9:15 p.m.
This talk will be livestreamed and recorded at mcceastbay.org/livestream
Isra Mi’raj is celebrated on the 27th of Rajab. We encourage you to fast on Monday, April 1.
This night happened in 721, which is the year of sadness (‘Aam ul Huzn) when Abu Talib & Khadijah (RA) died. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) rode Buraq (a white steed) during his journey and Allah enjoined 50 prayers and reduced the prayers to five.
He met different Prophets on the journey:
– 7th Heaven met Ibrahim (AS)
– 6th Heaven met Musa (AS)
– 5th Heaven met Harun (AS)
– 4th Heaven met Idris (AS)
– 3rd Heaven met Yusuf (AS)
– 2nd Heaven met Isa (AS) & Yahya (AS)
– 1st Heaven met Adam (AS)
MI’RAJ – Ascend to heaven where he speaks to God
ISRA’ – Night journey from Makkah to Jerusalem
The prophet went from the Haram mosque (Saudi Arabia) to Al-Aqsa Mosque (Palestine) – a journey that by flight today takes nearly two hours.