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Join us from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on Friday, July 12 at Callippe Preserve Trail in Pleasanton to get to know other sisters in the community and enjoy the great outdoors! By July 10, RSVP to hiking@mcceastbay.org
If you have trouble finding the group, call or text Sr. Aparna at 408-480-6584.
ACCESS—The Callippe Preserve Trailhead may be accessed by parking on the south side of the Golf Course parking lot and walking along the cart-path to the rear of the 18th green. From that point, the 3.75 mile loop trail may be hiked clockwise or counter-clockwise.
WELCOME—Callippe Preserve Trail is a 3.75-mile long trail which loops around the Callippe Preserve Municipal Golf Course in the City of Pleasanton. Surrounding the golf course are 280 acres of permanent open space which includes 173 acres retained under City ownership, and 107 acres of the Koopmann Ranch through a conservation easement. Public access through the City-owned open space is provided by the Callippe Preserve Trail which offers spectacular views of the golf course and the outlying Tri-Valley area.
History – Planning for Pleasanton’s municipal golf course started with a citizen committee headed by Paul Ebright in 1988. In 1994, property owners of 312 acres in the Happy Valley area (Manning, Jordan, Jensen and Moore) approached the City with a proposal to sell their land for the golf course. In June 1998, the City Council approved the Happy Valley Specific Plan. An element of the Plan was a pedestrian/equestrian trail to be installed in conjunction with development of the proposed golf course. The project’s construction began in August 2004 and the Callippe Preserve Golf Course and Trail were opened for public use in November 2005.