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Join us after Taraweeh ends for overnight prayer and talks with Dr. Rania Awaad until Suhoor/Fajr. Suhoor early morning meal provided. No children please.
These special sister qiyams begin after the ending of Taraweeh starting on three Friday’s in Ramadan: May 10, 17, and 24 and on Saturday, June 1. Taraweeh ends nightly just after midnight each Friday.
Sponsored by The Rahmah Foundation and the MCC.
Please try to attend Dr. Rania’s Friday night qiyam in person. If you are unable, you can watch the livestream of her qiyam talk by joining this private sisters-only group of talks by Dr. Rania at MCC.
Dr. Rania Awaad
Ustadha Rania Awaad has received a traditional license (ijazah) to teach Qur’anic recitation (tajwid) in both the Hafs and Warsh recitations from the late eminent Syrian scholar, Shaykh Abu Hassan al-Kurdi. In addition to completing several advanced texts of the Shafi’i school (madhhab), she is licensed to teach texts of Maliki jurisprudence (fiqh), literature (adab), and spirituality (ihsan). She is also a physician. Her medical interests include addressing mental health care concerns in the Muslim community, particularly that of Muslim women. Other on-going endeavors include the compilation of a manual addressing female-related medical issues from a fiqh-oriented perspective as well as a manual on raising Muslim children in the West.
Qiyam Ul-Layl literally translates to “standing during the night”. And in the Islamic Tradition, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “The best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the night prayer.” (Sahih Muslim)
“When Allah, the Most Merciful, created the woman He gave her mercy as her nature. He created her for mercy.”