In our toddler playgroups, we develop love for our faith and Allah through stories, singalong, snack, craft and parachute time. Each monthly session works around a theme like foods,  animals in the Qur’an, Prophets of God, or being thankful.

The summer sessions will start Thursday, July 27, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. for five weeks. Registration is required.

These Mommy & Me sessions are designed for boys and girls ages one to five years of age with a female guardian present.

Our session begins with dua, a salaam/greeting song, then guessing the topic of the day. We then learn our Arabic letter of the day and sing our theme related songs and read from a book about our theme. We then recite Surah Fatiha and eat a special snack, and then move on to work on our beautiful take-home craft. We end each session day with the Fi-Amanillah song and kid-favorite parachute time and a nut-free snack.

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Questions? Happy Hearts Playgroup Facilitator Sr. Khadija Ahmar at

See here to learn about our weekly Saturday morning Uighur playgroup sessions.

Past sessions topics

  1. Animals in the Quran part 1 – cow, camel, whale, elephant
  2. Animals in the Quran part 2 – spider, honeybee, ant, birds
  3. Foods in the Quran part 1 – milk, olives, grapes, figs
  4. Foods in the Quran part 2 – dates, honey, pomegranate, bananas
  5. Stories of the Prophets part 1 – Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Mohammed (pbuh)
  6. Stories of the Prophets part 2 – Yunus, Hud, Musa, Saleh, Esa , Yusuf (pbuh)
  7. Thankful for my body – Ears, nose, eyes, mouth
  8. Thankful for – nature, food, family (usually coincides with thanksgiving )
  9. Names of Allah – Al Khaliq, Ar-Rahman, Al-Ahad, Al- Wadood
  10. Manners in Islam – Honesty, cleanliness, gratitude, patience/sharing
  11. Pillars of Islam (usually in Ramadan or during hajj) – Shahdah, salah, sawm/zakah, hajj