This form is only for partner groups affiliated with or hosted by MCC East Bay, like our Girl and Boy Scouts troops (this only includes area high school/community college Muslim Student Associations). These groups receive complimentary use of the MCC space on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To rent space for a private event, please visit our rental page.

Before submitting this form, please check the MCC calendar here.

*Due to recent construction, the Banquet Hall is smaller and seats about 100 guests (see here). Please also consider the picnic area.



Please submit a seperate request for each date that is not concurrent days to one another.
Time must include set-up and tear-down.
For a facility map, please see:
For classroom space, please specify classroom numbers:
Please make sure to specify the number and type of table you require (round or rectangular), numbers of chairs on each table (up to 9), set up style (conference, U-Shape, classroom, banquet, round banquet, round workshop).
For a facility map, please see: