Help For You and Your Loved Ones

Are you looking for resources to help you support someone struggling with addiction? Is someone else’s addiction negatively affecting you? Perhaps you’re seeking an alternative to tough love?

The MCC East Bay and the Khalil Center are teaming up to help Muslim families in the Bay Area.

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Through a new pilot initiative in Winter 2020, we will provide provide effective, easy-to-learn tools to help both you and your loved one. Our methods are based on the tools of SMART Recovery and CRAFT Therapy (Community Reinforcement & Family Training).

Our in-person monthly meetings hosted confidentially at the MCC will provide concerned significant others the tools they need to effectively support their loved one, without supporting the addictive behavior. These tools also help Family & Friends better cope with their loved one’s situation and regain their peace of mind.

There is no fee to participate, but registration is required so we can communicate dates, times, and location with you. Join interest list for date, time and location of the meetings.

The monthly meetings are facilitated by Shaykh Rami Nsour (MCC’s Youth Director) and Dr. Amer Syed Raheemullah, a Stanford addiction specialist (Khalil Center). Here is a talk by both facilitators addressing marijuana use amongst youth in the Muslim community. This is a confidential group and only the MCC and Khalil Center facilitators will have access to your information so as to communicate meeting dates and times.


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