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Secrets of Divine Love Book Club

November 12 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

MCC is hosting a Secrets of Divine Love book club/discussion group every other Saturday evening.

Join us as we collectively strive toward mindfully opening our hearts to Allah’s love for us and our love for Allah.  Each chapter contains its own exercises that will serve as the focal point for our discussions, and each chapter stands alone so you can attend any session that is convenient for you without the need to ‘catch up.’

The first session will be abridged and focus on the Introduction, the Reading with an Open Heart preface, and set the stage for future discussions for those who hope to attend all or most of the sessions and follow the progression.

This book club will be held every other week for a Saturday Book Club discussing the internationally acclaimed book by A. Helwa, Secrets of Divine Love. Each session will cover a chapter and include group discussions, reflections, and exercises from the book. The discussion takes place every other Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and in Summer ’22 runs from Saturday, August 20, 2022, to Saturday, March 4, 2023. 

RSVP for the registration at https://mcceastbay.org/divine-love-bookclub. RSVP is requested.

6 p.m. to 8 p.m. | Every other Saturday | August 20 to March 4 | Conference Room | In-person only (no virtual option)

Class Schedule:

  • -Intro
    • – Aug 20, 2022
  • -Chapter 1 – Allah
    • – Sep 3, 2022
  • Chapter 2 – Humanity 
    • – Sep 17, 2022
  • -Chapter 3 – Qur’an
    • – Oct 1, 2022
  • -Chapter 4 – Islam/Iman/Ihsan
    • – Oct 15, 2022
  • -Chapter 5 – Tawba
    • – Oct 29, 2022
  • -Chapter 6 – Shahadah
    • – Nov 12, 2022
  • -Chapter 7 – Salat
    • – Dec 3, 2022
  • -Chapter 8 – Zakat
    • – Dec 17, 2022
  • -Chapter 9 – Ramadan
    • – Jan 7, 2023
  • -Chapter 10 – Hajj
    • – Jan 21, 2023
  • -Chapter 11 – Death
    • – Feb 4, 2023
  • -Chapter 12 – Heaven and Hell
    • – Feb 18, 2023
  • -Conclusion
    • – Mar 4, 2023


This book club is intended to stimulate thought and reflection, not teach deen. It is NOT a fiqh or aqidah class. The book contains various references and concepts that do not align with traditional Islamic scholarship on those subjects. If any participant has any questions about what scholars say about any of the concepts mentioned in the book or discussed in the book club meetings, we strongly recommend consulting a scholar they know and trust and/or forwarding those questions to the organizers of the book club so that we can get guidance from a scholar and share that guidance with the group.

We intended to approach the abstract ideas found in this book as thought experiments and the exercises as cardio for the spiritual heart. Nothing in the book or book club meetings should be viewed as replacing, undermining, or contradicting traditional Islamic scholarship in any way.

Discussion Group Guidelines

  • – Everyone has something to say, everyone has something to learn
    • -Shy people encouraged to contribute
    • -Talkative people encouraged to restrain themselves
  • – Confidentiality
    • -Do not share people’s reflections outside of the group.  Can say stuff like “somebody in my book club made me think (this or that) about (this or that)”, but not “(so and so) said …”
  • – 70 excuses
    • -Give your sisters/brothers every benefit of the doubt as far as their intention with whatever they say, particularly what you may disagree with
  • – ‘Dinner after’
    • -If you have differences of opinion during the discussion, remember the intention is beneficial learning that we are all working together to achieve.  So you leave those differences of opinion at the door when we’re done and still be ready to go to dinner after with people you may have disagreed with (see 70 excuses rule)
  • – Be chill
    • -Emotional subject matter requires conscious intention to remain emotionally intelligent and not let ourselves get carried away.  Particularly the brothers, don’t get aggressive or excited, appropriate adab with each other and with our sisters is required

Book Purchase:

If you wish to follow along with the book, please purchase the book. The book can be purchased here:

*Audiobook voiced by author available

About the Book

Secrets of Divine Love was written for the longing heart, for the one who is searching for something they have not been able to find. For the one who sometimes spirals into hopelessness and cannot help but feel too imperfect for a perfect God to love. This book is for the one who is at the edge of their faith, who has experienced religion as a harsh winter instead of the life-bearing spring it was sent to be by God.

Secrets of Divine Love serves as a compass and guiding light that returns you to the source of divine peace and surrender. Through the practices and pillars of Islam, you will learn how to unlock your spiritual potential and unveil your divine purpose. A. Helwa uses a rational, yet heart-based approach towards the Qur’an that not only enlightens the mind, but inspires the soul towards deeper intimacy with Allah. By weaving together dozens of inspiring mystical stories, Qur’an verses, Hadith, poetry, psychology, and science, the author breaks down Islam in a way that is both digestible and inspiring for millennial Muslims.

Author: A. Helwa
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 385 pages
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Naulit Publishing House

About the Author

A. Helwa believes that every single person on Earth is deeply loved by the Divine. She is a writer who has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers through her passionate, poetic, and love-based approach to spirituality. Her popular blog @quranquotesdaily, was established while obtaining her Masters in Divinity, as a means of helping others overcome personal and spiritual struggles on their journey of experiencing divine love. With over 15 years of experience writing and speaking on Islam and spiritual development, A. Helwa draws from her personal experiences and traditional sources to help her readers access ‘Divine love in everyday life.’

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