MCC East Bay Welcomes You to Ramadan 1439/2018!

MCC is excited to announce that Ramadan is upon us.The first day of fasting will be Thursday, May 17th.

Ramadan Prayer Times

As of Sunday May 27th, Isha prayers start at 10:10pm and are immediately followed by Taraweeh prayers.

See our Ramadan Calendar for all other prayer times.

Qari Amar will be following this reading schedule for taraweeh prayers.

Donate During Ramadan

In the past year, the MCC congregation has helped more than 300 zakat-eligible families in our area. Please donate your zakat and allow us to continue to support these deserving members of our community.

Donate Zakat

Our faith encourages us to pay for each member in your household the Zakat al-Fitr (Hanafi $5/person & Shafi’ee $10/person) early in Ramadan so we can distribute it to the needy before Eid.

Donate Zakat al-Fitr (Hanafi $5 per person)
Donate Zakat al-Fitr (Shafi $10 per person)

Please help MCC continue our work in our community by donating to our building fund, and our sadaqa fund.

Donate Sadaqa
Donate to Building Fund

Ramadan Iftars

We are taking RSVPs so we can have the right amount of food always available. Please consider it as an act of sadaqah this Ramadan to cancel your RSVP if you cannot make it, so your fasting brothers and sisters can attend the Iftar.

Community Iftars (Saturdays)
Join us for our weekly community iftar. Everyone is invited.

May 19th No cost. Register here.
May 26th No cost. Register here.
June 2nd No cost. Register here.
June 9th No cost. Register here.

Youth Iftars (Fridays)
Join us a weekly for our youth halaqas and Iftar for youth ages 12-22.

May 18th Hosted by Br. Mahdy Amine. Register here.
May 25th Hosted by Sr. Hira Khanzada. Register here.
June 1st Hosted by Ust. Hosai Mojaddidi. Register here.
June 8th Hosted by Sh. Rami Nsour. Register here.

Singles Iftar

MCC provides daily Iftar for our single brothers & sisters. No RSVP required; please never hesitate in joining.

Iftar / Suhoor Sponsorship

Sponsor An Iftar


The men’s Itikaf (seclusion) at MCC begins in the last ten days of Ramadan. Registration required.

Ramadan Guidelines

To help MCC achieve a successful Ramadan, please familiarize yourself with the MCC Ramadan guidelines.