Bike Donation

A bicycle can be the primary form of transportation when you’re new in the country and don’t yet have a driver’s license or a car.

The SRVIC-MCC Refugee Car team is in need of bikes you may no longer be using & volunteers to fix them as well as purchase helmets and locks.

So far, through the grace of God and the generosity of donors, SRVIC-MCC Refugee Support has provided more than 200 bicycles, along with helmets and bike locks, to adult refugees and another 28 to refugee children. These bikes are a primary source of transportation for getting to work, classes, appointments, and shopping, and can also be a form of entertainment for the whole family.

We are currently looking for donations of bikes or funds for their purchase and also individuals able to help transport them. Use this link to join the drive!

Alternately, if you are interested in purchasing bike locks or helmets, you can do so on this wishlist

Questions or to request a bicycle for a refugee client family, please message