In collaboration with the food pantry program, MCC has facilitated deliveries of produce and dry goods to homeless people in Oakland since 2021. Recently, a group of community members came together to expand upon this effort in quantity and quality by providing complete, ready-to-eat, hot halal meals.

On Wednesday, May 29, this intention came to fruition as several community members came together to prepare and pack around a hundred boxes of hot meals at MCC for distribution to the homeless in Oakland. The distribution went very well. Br. Kevin, who delivered the food to a camp in Oakland, said that one brother jokingly asked him if it was Christmas, reflecting a surprise and gratitude to be getting such nice food outside of a holiday ( a time when most organizations actively distribute food). The folks at the camp were happy to receive a healthy meal package that included fruits, water, and even cake! Jazakum Allahu Khayran to all those who initiated and participated in this effort. Insha’Allah, this is the first of many!

As our deen teaches us the importance of feeding people and of consistency, we hope we can replicate and expand upon this effort so that Allah (swt) may accept our efforts to follow the many commands in the Qur’an to feed those in need and to do so with consistency so that those dealing with the instability of life without housing can benefit from the relief that regular and reliable access to food provides. Even if only a small measure of relief when weighed against the depth of the need that exists in our community and the world, we know Allah loves even the smallest acts done with consistency and we pray we are able to earn His favor through the continuation of these efforts.