There was a woman who cleaned the Prophet’s mosque. The community did not miss her presence until she passed away because she cleaned the masjid quietly. The Prophet (peace be upon him) loved this secret gem in the community.
The MCC community has a sister who cleans and vacuums our cavernous worship space. She comes weekly in the early morning hours when no one is around.
Today, so the community can have a clean Prayer Hall for Eid and Jumu’ah services, she started cleaning at 1:30 a.m.
Shortly before worshipers began arriving for Fajr morning prayer, she texted a photo to an MCC staff member that she had left some homemade cake for Eid worshipers in the lobby. She then quietly slipped out before anyone could see her.
These valuable community servants are here.
There are dozens just like her. We do not know their names. They sincerely and anonymously work to make community happen.
On this Eid day, may God accept this sister and the others like her as people of Heaven without judgment.