MCC Vehicle Donation Program

Since 2016, MCC East Bay has facilitated the donation of more than 175 vehicles by connecting generous donors like you with deserving community families in the Bay Area community who are struggling because of lack of a vehicle.

Our goal is make families independent and to gain financial self-sufficiency through a vehicle. Our waiting list includes domestic violence victims, single mothers, recently arrived refugees, and the working poor. We gauge priority and make vehicle assignments based on need and the recipient family’s breadwinner’s ability to demonstrate a clear commitment that a vehicle will be a means to lift the family out of poverty.

Our cars program works in conjunction with MCC’s strong Zakat distribution committee. For the majority of our car recipients, MCC will also pay for an initial 3- or 6-month insurance policy on your donated vehicle.


  1. Perform a smog test and then complete the form below.
  2. Based on the information you provide, MCC will assign your vehicle to a deserving family on its waiting list.
  3. MCC will contact you and make arrangements to pick up your vehicle or for you to deliver your vehicle to MCC. You will sign the vehicle’s title. If you have lost your title, complete DMV REG 227 – Application for Duplicate Title and bring with you.
  4. Based on your assessment of the engine (not the vehicle’s aesthetics), MCC may pay a trusted mechanic to do a bumper-to-bumper check on your vehicle. That assessment is sent to the MCC Zakat Committee, which decides whether to invest Zakat/Sadaqah funds into repairs so the recipient family receives a reliable vehicle. Based on the Committee’s decision, if we determines your vehicle is beyond repair, we will refer you to an area junkyard. You may choose to sell your vehicle for parts and donate those funds to MCC’s Vehicle Donation Program.
  5. Once the vehicle has been cleared mechanically (if applicable), we will inform the recipient family to come to MCC. The licensed driver will go to the local DMV with your completed title and transfer the vehicle into his or her name. The recipient will pay nominal fees to transfer the title (about $25) as this is a gift sale with no sales tax. Only after the recipient returns to MCC with a completed new vehicle registration, which immediately releases all liability on you, will MCC release the vehicle to the recipient.

Please complete our online donation form below.


MCC Car Donation Form




Please apply on this form. The MCC waiting list is for Bay Area residents. We have 60+ families on the waitlist. The car waiting list currently is six months to one year. For questions, please contact MCC’s Zakat Administrator, Sister Aminah Abdullah, at or (925) 264-9297.