Application for Funeral & Burial Assistance

The MCC East Bay provides financial assistance to San Francisco Bay Area Muslims who need help to meet funeral expenses. The deceased MUST have been a Muslim to qualify for burial assistance.

Applicants must qualify financially because either the decedent leaves no funds to cover his or her final expenses or family members cannot provide for such costs. The assets and resources of the deceased and the applicant are considered when determining eligibility.

In most cases, a family member should apply for the deceased. An application is processed only after death occurs. Family members may apply in advance only if a medical doctor deems that death is imminent.

After submitting this application, applicants may need to make an appointment with MCC’s Burial Administrator, Aminah Abdullah. Most appointments are scheduled the same day. Eligibility is determined within 24 hours.

The MCC uses its dedicated Burial Fund and, at its discretion, uses its Sadaqah funds to cover final expenses.

MCC does not provide its funeral services. We recommend contacting one of the two local mosques mentioned on our funeral arrangements page.

Questions? Call Sr. Aminah Abdullah at (925) 264-9297 or


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1. Decedent’s Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Last address of deceased:(Required)
Please write “homeless” if the deceased did not have a permanent address.
Is there any pending legal action or special circumstances surrounding this death?(Required)
The deceased was a Musim?(Required)

2. Applicant’s Information

Your Email Address(Required)
Can the deceased’s family afford to pay any of the deceased’s final expenses?(Required)

3. Decedent’s Assets

Did the deceased have a will?(Required)
Was the deceased employed at time of death?(Required)

Did the deceased have any of the following assets at the time of death? (If yes, please provide approx. value):

4. Funeral & Burial

If you do not have pre-arrangements for burial, MCC works with the Islamic Society of East Bay in Fremont for body transport, washing, and the Janazah prayer and then to Five Pillars Farm in Livermore for burial. To start the funeral process so a hearse may retrieve the body from the place of death and transport the body for storage and washing, please complete a five-page authorization form at

Have any funeral and/or burial arrangements been made?

5. Statement: Please carefully read the following statement and sign below.

My witness is Allah to the truth in this application. I testify that the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any information given turns out to be untrue, this application will automatically be denied.
The undersigned, authorizes the Muslim Community Center – East Bay (MCC East Bay) to make all inquiries necessary in relation to this application and gives his/her full permission to have any or all of the information in this application verified.
I hereby render MCC East Bay as the official representative (wakeel) of the Burial and/or Sadaqah funds that are released to me and give MCC East Bay’s Zakat/Sadaqa Committee authorization to make direct payments on our obligations on my behalf.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

MCC does not provide its funeral services. We recommend contacting one of the two local mosques here for funeral arrangements.

At MCC, we desire to offer comfort and reassurance when it is needed most. We know that grief over the death of a loved one can be devastating. Our pastoral and caring staff will walk with you through these days of grief and help you plan a Janazah and burial service that will honor your loved one and glorify God.

We are here to assist you through this journey with compassion and dignity, adhering to the values of our faith and community.

Please note: Funeral expenses are traditionally settled from the deceased’s estate.