We appreciate your interest in the programming at the MCC.

Our sermons, Friday Family Nights, weekend/weekday workshops/programs, and documentary screenings are a shared community experience that bring congregation members together for up to one to two hours (longer for workshops) for a Khutbah, lecture, presentation, performance, or workshop/program from specialists in a variety of disciplines and backgrounds and who reflect diverse views and community interests.

The goal of the talks, sermons, and workshops/programs at the MCC is to stimulate thought and conversation on a broad range of exciting subjects for American Muslims. Great speaker and event suggestions regularly come from our congregation members and youth, including many former congregation members who have moved and heard a local speaker who fits MCC’s speaker & program ethos.

The MCC Event Committee reviews and selects recommendations for programming. The MCC has a no-fundraising policy (see how we support Bay Area nonprofits here and community businesses here). The MCC Religious Committee then vets any new speakers and presenters on religious topics who have not spoken before at MCC. See our Khateeb guidelines here. You may also submit your request to MCC’s community partners, WVMA, MCA, and Yaseen Foundation.

Questions? events.committee@mcceastbay.org

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Please explain the inspiration behind your event and you hope attendees gain from it. Provide a detailed description of your event and speakers. This section provides the MCC Events Committee with an overview of what the event is about. Some events do not need much explaining, but other events may be new and innovative and require greater description (e.g. an event that serves a special purpose or combines together different community groups).
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Religious Committee Approval

Complete this section only if the speaker you are recommending is a religious scholar and he or she will directly address religious issue(s) based on his or her education, credentials or past religious training or study. The MCC Religious Committee will research and vet any new speaker before speaking he or she speaks at MCC. This is a one-time process that is standard for all new speakers to the MCC community.
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