In early February 2020, the MCC launches a new halal, safe, and free online platform for our single brothers & sisters in the Bay Area looking to start a Muslim family. The system is currently in test phase and it is not public. See details here.

Here is recording from the information session about the platform. Please share your ideas with the MCC Matrimonial Program, whose members include Sr. Jahan, Sr. Huda, Sr. Victoria, Sr. Sadaf, and Br. Munir at

The MCC Matrimonial Program is working Fi’Sabeeliah to sincerely help our our single sisters and brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area find a suitable spouse.

Before creating a profile (or maybe even attending this information session or watching its recording), we ask that you put your trust in God and to search within your heart and see if this new free MCC Matrimonial Connections platform is the right step for you.

We encourage you to pray two cycles of voluntary (nafl) prayer and then to read the powerful Istikhirah Dua (Prayer for Guidance) at

Whoever seeks the counsel of the Creator will not regret it and whoever seeks the advice of the believers will feel confident about decisions. Allah said in the Qur’an:

“And consult them in the affair. Then when you have take a decision, put your trust in Allah.”

Potential couples are encouraged to read and watch: