When You’re in Need …

At MCC, we believe we’re more than a masjid: we’re a part of each and every community member family that we are privileged to serve. As your regional community hub, please do not feel ashamed and do not hesitate. We are honored you are partnering with us to help you and your family through this difficulty.

If you need only food or mental or health counseling, there is no need to apply. Please get in touch with our pantry or our partner organizations for free or reduced care:

If You Need Food …

We are at your service and able to arrange for basic groceries and essentials to be delivered to you and your family. Let us know here or message the MCC Food Pantry at pantry@mcceastbay.org to set up a delivery.

If You Need Health Care …

Contact the APPNA clinic. They provide periodic health appointments free to the community.

If You Need Money …

We want to be there for our MCC friends and family. Care volunteers and staff at MCC have been trained to help those in need during difficult situations. Meals, transportation, a listening ear, counseling recommendations, and financial assistance to meet other needs are ways we can help.

For help with rent, household expenses, and more, please complete this application.

Applications are processed daily. Based on the number of applications we receive each day, applicants will hear back within one to three days. By sending an incomplete application or omitting supporting documentation, you will significantly delay assistance reaching you. Please submit a complete application with all supporting documents. Please help us get help to you quickly by submitting only complete applications.

Once MCC East Bay receives your application, it will be reviewed first by the MCC Zakat Committee. The Committee may contact you, your references, and other mosques in the Bay Area.

To reach Sister Aminah Abdullah, MCC’s Zakat administrator, please:

You can also mail or drop off the printable application with supporting documents to:

MCC Zakat Committee
5724 W. Las Positas Blvd. #300
Pleasanton, CA 94588.

To Support MCC’s Zakat Efforts …

We are honored you are entrusting MCC with this sacred gift. Please donate at https://mcceastbay.org/zakat-fund

We are the largest Muslim nonprofit provider of basic human needs in Alameda County.

And we aren’t just proud—we’re humbled—to support the poor and working poor to move toward financial independence and self-sufficiency. Our simple goal is to offer our community members the resources they need to shape their best tomorrow.

We provide mentorship and emergency assistance to families struggling to manage their payments. We focus on developing long-term self-sufficiency for families through managing their finances and skill development.

Our approach differs based on each family’s circumstance; our clients vary from local families, refugees, and many other families.

Our support is limited to the East Bay (mostly Alameda and Contra Costa counties and parts of San Francisco county). For assistance for our community families in the South Bay, please get in touch with MCA Bay Area in Santa Clara or SBIA in San Jose.