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Use the form below to:

  1. Request dua for passing of an individual (supplication for the deceased) who is an immediate family member, and when reported within one week of death, MCC will send a Dua for Maghfirah (forgiveness) and burial details request to a dedicated death announcement list. This announcement will also automatically be added to this week’s ‘Dua Corner’ and Jumu’ah prayer list.
  2. Request dua for Shifaa (supplication for healing) or a newborn, please send by noon each Thursday to be included in the ‘Dua Corner’ section for Shifaa (supplication for healing) in our weekly newsletter (sent at 5 p.m. each Thursday) and Thursday evening weekly Qur’an recitation or by noon each Friday to be included in post-Jumu’ah duas.
  3. Good News Share the good news and ask for prayers from the community for newlyweds, completion of a Hifz program, academic achievement, graduation, award, career achievement, etc.

Please note that the person requesting the du’a must be a resident in the East Bay (generally Alameda and Contra Costa counties). Due to the volume of requests we receive each week, we regrettably are unable to accept a request from outside the East Bay area. Please also request community duas with SRVIC and WVMA.

MCC also offers financial assistance for burials and referrals to funeral services.

We will only contact you if we need to clarify something in your request.
Please note that either the ill or deceased person or relative or parent of the newborn requesting the dua must be a resident in the East Bay. MCC East Bay serves the regional 90,000 Muslim community only.

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