Divorce Procedure – Ta’laq & Khula

  1. Individuals or couples are strongly encouraged to meet with a Khalil Center counselor prior to proceeding with a divorce. The Khalil Center can help guide, counsel and mediate with you and your loved ones on issues like marriage and divorce decisions, parent-child relationships, and general family conflicts.

  2. If the individual or couple wishes to proceed with a divorce, please contact MCC to schedule a time for an appointment. Both individuals must be present on the day of their appointment and bring:
  • A copy of the legal divorce decree (link for Alameda County and link for Contra Costa)
  • A photo I.D.
  • A completed MCC divorce form

Please note:

  • There is no charge for the divorce service, but an individual or couple may choose to compensate Qari Amar Bellaha for his time. You may also use the services of the Islamic Sharia Council of Northern California for the Islamic divorce.

  • When a man requests a divorce, or a woman requests a divorce with reason, it is known as ‘Ta’laq’ and when a woman requests a divorce without due reason; it is known as ‘Khula’.

  • Individuals cannot request or proceed with a divorce on behalf of other parties. All clients must represent themselves throughout the divorce procedure. They may be accompanied if they wish.

  • Divorces for couples who were married abroad still require a divorce from the court prior to proceeding with the Islamic Divorce Decree. A legal court divorce is a necessity prior to contacting MCC for religious divorce services.