Divorce Procedure – Ta’laq & Khula

  1. Individuals or couples are strongly encouraged to meet with a Khalil Center counselor prior to proceeding with a divorce.

  2. If the individual or couple wishes to proceed with a divorce, please contact MCC to schedule a time for an appointment. Both individuals must be present on the day of their appointment and bring:
    • A copy of the legal divorce

    • A photo I.D.

    • A completed divorce form

Please note:

  • There is no charge for the divorce service, but an individual or couple may choose to compensate Qari Amar Bellaha for his time.

  • When a man requests a divorce, or a woman requests a divorce with reason, it is known as ‘Ta’laq’ and when a woman requests a divorce without due reason; it is known as ‘Khula’.

  • Individuals cannot request or proceed with a divorce on behalf of other parties. All clients must represent themselves throughout the divorce procedure. They may be accompanied if they wish.

  • Divorces for couples who were married abroad still require a divorce from the court prior to proceeding with the Islamic Divorce Decree. A legal court divorce is a necessity prior to contacting MCC for divorce services.