Divorce Procedure – Ta’laq & Khula

  1. Individuals or couples are strongly encouraged to meet with a Maristan counselor prior to proceeding with a divorce. Maristan can help guide, counsel, and mediate with you and your loved ones on issues like marriage and divorce decisions, parent-child relationships, and general family conflicts. We also have several videos in this playlist to help you better understand the Talaq (divorce) process.

  2. If the individual or couple wishes to proceed with a divorce, please complete the form below to schedule a time for an appointment. Both individuals must be present on the day of their appointment and bring:

Please note:

Questions? Please contact us.

Divorce Service Request

Divorce Appointment Details

Qari Amar Bellaha's preferred appointment time is mid-to-late on Saturday mornings.
The MCC cannot legally perform a religious ceremony (Nikkah or Talaq) until the couple first certifies that process a county courthouse in California.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
So that Qari Amar can review and resolve any potential issues prior to the Talaq appointment, please upload a completed MCC Divorce Form. Please also bring this completed form on your appointment day.
*The MCC does not charge a fee for a Divorce Certification. Qari Amar is volunteering his time outside his normal masjid responsibilities to perform this service to the community. After your appointment, please hand a cash gift in an envelope to Qari Amar as compensation for his time.