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MEC (Al-Medina Education Center) located in Newark, CA near Fremont is in the process of buying a church for 3.3 million to purchase the first masjid in Newark.

They are in contract and must close the property by September 16, 2022. They are short of about 200,000 of the purchase price of this former Church. They to the MCC community to support this ever rewarding project by donating generously.

Al-Medina Education Center (MEC) is purchasing a church to make it the first Masjid in Newark, CA. See video. This property will provide the much needed space for our community to grow and allow MEC to fulfill its mission and concretize its vision. This is a unique opportunity we don’t want to miss. We invite you to participate in this blessed effort and provide support. Please make sincere Du’a to Allah (SWT), volunteer and help with the fundraising effort, and donate generously towards this noble cause. May Allah (SWT) reward you generously.