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*Canceled* Arabic Fall Classes | Ustadh Farid Dingle & Ustadha Umm Mikal

September 13, 2023 @ 5:30 pm 6:30 pm

*Class canceled due to minimum student threshold not reached*

For high schoolers and up who can read basic Arabic, join two seasoned Arabic instructors over 12 weeks this Fall to learn Qur’anic Arabic using grammar, pronunciation, exercises, and linguistics.

This is an excellent twice-weekly class for students – beginners to advanced – who want to gain an understanding of reading the Qur’an, Hadith, and Islamic Sciences in Arabic.

Sept. 13 to December 20 | Mondays & Wednesdays | 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. | $500/student for 12 weeks | Ages 15+ (high schoolers welcome)

The session is offered as an in-person or online Zoom class with Ustadh Farid Dingle (males) and Ustadha Umm Mikal (females).

Register at mcceastbay.org/access

One of the best ways to nurture your iman is to personally be able to read the Qur’an, Hadith, and the Islamic sciences in their original script. Anyone can learn the original Arabic language of the Qur’an if they want to. The key to attaining this is you and your intention.

Make an intention to learn Arabic so you can experience the wonders of the Qur’an as you start your journey of learning the language of Jannah with Ustadh Farid Dingle and Ustadha Umm Mikal.

Students will learn the fundamentals of Arabic sentences and word structure purely through Qur’anic examples and vocabulary.

  • Purchase the book required for the class here: Access to Quranic Arabic (textbook & workbook)
  • Prerequisite: Able to read the basic Arabic script. 
  • Work required: Attendance and 2 hours of homework/studying per week
  • New students cannot join beyond the second week of classes. Interested students may attend a lesson or two to see if the class fits them.
  • – This class follows the same academic calendar in 2023 as our after-school Qur’an and Arabic program.

MCC has a standing policy that financial need should never hold a person back from attaining knowledge offered within the four walls of MCC the facility. To request a financial waiver or discount, please complete: https://mcceastbay.org/scholarship

Ustadh Farid Dingle
Farid Dingle is an Anglo-Swiss Muslim who grew up in the United Kingdom. After learning Arabic, he traveled to Jordan, where he lived for 13 years. Farid studied Fiqh, Arabic grammar and rhetoric, Arabic poetry, Hadith, Tafsir, and Theology. Farid holds a BA in Arabic Language and Literature, a post-graduate certificate in Shafi’i fiqh, and a CIFE in Islamic Finance. Among his most influential teachers are Shaykh Ali Hani, Shaykh Hamza Karamali, Dr Amjad Rasheed (head of the faculty of Shafi’i Fiqh, WISE University, Jordan), Dr. Ahmad Hasanat (the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Fatwa of Jordan), Dr Ali Zinou, Dr. Ahmad Snobar, Dr. Hamza Bakri, Shaykh Akram AbdulWahhab, Shaykh Abdul Malik al-Saadi, and Professor Muhammad Awwad (student of the great Mahmoud Shakir). Farid lives with his family in Brentwood, California, where he is Dean of Islamic studies at Hikmah Islamic Co-op.

Ustadha Umm Mikal:

Ustadha Umm Mikal graduated from UCLA with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Arabic & Islamic Studies. She continued her studies in Arabic in Amman, Jordan, where she studied, worked, and taught at Qasid Institute. At Qasid, she focused on Classical Arabic, going through the classical primer of Matn al-Ajurumiyya, details of Sarf, and venturing into the world of Balagha. She also attended local Arabic lessons taught by various scholars, including the venerable tafsir scholar Sheikh Ali Hani. She teaches Arabic privately and studies Tafsir with Ustadha Khadija Abrash and Fiqh with Sheikh Qays Arthur. In her spare time, Ustadha Umm Mikal likes to read, crochet, and spend time in nature. 

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