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Are you a single Muslim or Muslima looking for the right partner to form a happy marriage? Then this event is for you.

Every four months, MCC East Bay teams with the much-lauded Half Our Deen platform to run a thoughtful, fun, private quarterly matrimonial event that is a deep departure from the tired traditional match-making session and that uses personality questions & fun activities to help our singles sisters and brothers get closer to finding a spouse.

This is a matrimonial event done right – from thoughtfully screening every application, an equal ratio of men to women, and a fair chance for all to engage in a fun and interesting way through activities that melt the awkwardness of a singles mixer. This event is co-hosted with MCC and the event venue will be shared only with approved applicants.

1 p.m. to 4 p.m. | Saturday, August 13 | Exact address is TBA to only registered attendees only (the venue is in Pleasanton) | $94/person (fewer than 70 spots available) | Registration now open at https://mcceastbay.org/singles

The next event will be on Saturday, November 5.

This event breaks from the ineffective speed-dating matrimonial events and traditional match-making. This game-oriented event caters to the need for more creative and effective ways to meet and learn about others. Many premarital and personality questions are incorporated into the event activities to allow for a quick dip into meaningful relationship questions.

The Bay is filled with Muslim singles and we will sell out. Apply now: https://mcceastbay.org/singles

If you cannot make this event, sign up for our notification list for the next quarterly event: https://mcceastbay.org/wait

Questions? offline@halfourdeen.com or events@mcceastbay.org

What to expect?


We don’t play musical chairs because relationships can’t be based on 3-minute conversations. So instead, we have exclusive fun games and activities designed specifically for marriage-minded Muslims to help you naturally learn about each other. (Here is a sneak peek into an actual live event)


We are the only Muslim organization that filters our applicants and hand-picks every attendee. This allows us to select members who are most likely to be compatible and helps ensure that we have a balanced number of men and women at every event.


61% of the attendees at our last event found a match. No other single event even comes close to the success of HD Live, so it’s no surprise that about 25% of attendees travel (including taking flights from outside the state and country) to attend this exclusive event.


Our close-door events are at undisclosed locations because we take privacy very seriously. We believe that the only people that should know you’re attending the event are the people attending the event. In addition, our HD Live app allows you to show interest without the fear of rejection since matches are privately sent at midnight and only if the interest is mutual.

FAQs from MCC

Who can register?

This event is designed for Muslim singles from across Northern California to meet in a private and casual atmosphere. Space is limited. Muslims from all states can also apply but priority will be given to singles residing in Northern California and particularly the San Francisco Bay Area. If our single sisters and brothers give positive feedback, MCC intends to cohost matrimonial events on a bi-annual or quarterly basis.

Who is the moderator?

Baba Ali, the co-founder of Half Our Deen, is an Iranian-born American comedian, game developer, businessman, and actor. He is the co-founder of the revolutionary matchmaking site Half Deen, which is an alternative to the Muslim dating apps that we see today. He is also the founder of Ummah Films, a Muslim film company that attempts to provide Halal entertainment to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Baba Ali rose to prominence within the online Muslim community with Ummah Films, which discusses various Islamic topics using humor.

Baba Ali has traveled the world doing stand-up to a wide range of Muslim and non-Muslim audiences. He has performed all over the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, performing for audiences as large as 37,000 and for all ages. He has been reviewed in The New York Times, USA Today, and Los Angeles Times as well as featuring in seven episodes of DirecTV’s The Fizz News. Ali Ardekani is known as a video blogger to his viewers as Baba Ali.

Why is MCC collaborating with Half Our Deen?

Half our Deen are experts in the Muslim matching department and have a system that works. Their website and offline match-making events use personality matching to help connect like-minded Muslims and create matches that last. For the last 11 years, the site has catered specifically to marriage-minded Muslims and has over 2500+ success stories. Our event is modeled off their successful system.

MCC East Bay is pleased to offer our single community in the Bay Area the ability to use Half Our Deen’s resources to search for a spouse. HOD is unique in its ability to offer personality testing, high privacy standards, and off-line events which we believe will enhance the process for our single Muslims.

Everyone deserves to find true love and happiness in marriage. MCC is privileged to be a part of your life story by helping to facilitate this chance to meet the right person!

How does it work?

  1. Simply fill out the brief application telling us about yourself and who you are looking for. You will receive an email from us within a few days with the next steps. It’s important that you add offline@halfourdeen.com to your contacts to prevent bouncebacks and spam/promotional archiving.
  2. If your application is accepted you will need to register for the event and make your payment to secure your seat.
  3. The event will take place at a private location near Pleasanton, California. Exact location details will be provided only to accepted attendees before the event.

Questions? offline@halfourdeen.com

I cannot afford the registration fee?

MCC has a standing policy that financial need should not hold a person back from benefiting from any event held in the MCC facility or cosponsored by MCC. To request a discounted or full financial waiver, please visit https://mcceastbay.org/scholarship

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. This event is for adults 18+. Your selection for the event is dependent on attendees in the same range apply for this event.

In order to increase the chances of successful matches, we are using a selection process to ensure quality and compatible candidates are in attendance. The goal is compatibility. For example, if most applicants indicate that the maximum age they are looking for in a spouse is 40, and you are older, your application would not be accepted. However, please don’t let this deter you from applying for our future events as acceptance criteria changes based on who applies for each event.

Is lunch offered?

We will have snacks, coffee, and tea. We will not have time for a full-fledged meal. Please make sure you have a hearty meal before the event begins at noon.

If I am put on the waiting list, will I still receive my confirmation?

If it is determined that no compatible matches for you will be in attendance at the event you will be placed on a waiting list. As we receive more applications, the criteria might change and there will be a chance that you are still invited to the event. We do our best to invite as many matches as possible to increase everyone’s chances to meet the right person. If you still haven’t heard from us in the weeks leading into the event, this means that there were no candidates matching your criteria at this particular event. Please be patient and try again at another MCC matrimonial event (sign up for our newsletter at https://mcceastbay.org/newsletter).

Do I need a HalfOurDeen membership to attend the event?

You do not need a membership with HalfOurDeen to apply for this event; however, accepted applicants must complete their profile on HOD in order to attend. You will need a profile on HalfOurDeen to participate since this singles event is characterized by a unique online/offline interaction. If you’re not already a member of HalfOurDeen, no problem. HalfOurDeen is providing a 90-day free trial membership for all MCC event attendees. Please note that your trial membership ends after 90 days so you won’t be charged until the 31st day. You can cancel right after the event if you choose. One particular advantage of this is that after meeting individuals at the event, you can learn more about them through their online profiles before connecting. A HOD free membership will allow you to view anyone’s profile who is also registered with the site. This way, there is no need to exchange personal information at the event and all follow-up communication can be done safely through the HOD website after the event.

How do you screen applicants?

During the application process, applicants will answer a questionnaire that tells us a little about them and what they are looking for (or not looking for). Answers are then compared to the answers of all other applicants to determine who can attend, with the goal of increasing the chances for successful matches based on compatibility and personality matching.

Why was my application not accepted?

In order to increase the chances of successful matches, we are using a selection process to ensure quality and compatible candidates are in attendance. The goal is compatibility. For example, if most applicants indicate that the maximum age they are looking for in a spouse is 40, and you are older, your application would not be accepted. However, please don’t let this deter you from applying for our future events as acceptance criteria changes based on who applies for each event.

Can I bring a family member or a friend to the event?

No. This event is specifically tailored to the applicants who apply and are accepted based on the information provided during the application process. Everything from the games played to the seating chart is specific to those who have secured a spot. That is why only those who have applied and have been accepted are allowed to attend. Moreover, this is a private event and in order to protect the privacy of others, only those who have been accepted will be given specific event details that must not be shared with anyone. Please encourage your friends who want to attend to apply! In an effort to keep this event as private as possible, the only people allowed to attend the event are the candidates themselves. Our committee members will do their best to ensure that all interactions are kept focused and will be constantly monitored throughout the event.

What should I do if I haven’t received a confirmation email?

If you have not received a payment submission email after completing your application, this means that we are receiving a high volume of applications and are still processing them. If you still haven’t heard from us by Feb 28th, this means that there were no candidates matching your criteria at this particular event. If you have any questions about the selection process, please watch this https://youtu.be/NqHiZXhWtcw

How is this event different from other Muslim matrimonial events that have taken place in NorCal?

We are making every effort to ensure that our event is done in a professional, organized manner that is in line with Islamic principles. Unlike other events, we are going to carefully and thoroughly vet all our applicants via a detailed application. This process will not only ensure that the attendees are serious about marriage, but will also ensure that there are enough attendees of the opposite gender that are potentially compatible with *you* and your preferences. Speaking of which, we will try our best to have as close to a 50:50 ratio of females to males as possible.

We will have a wide variety of structured activities that will help you get to know the potential in a low-key, pressure-free way, and fun way. Our activities will be structured so that people of all personality types can easily participate. So whether introverted, extroverted or somewhere in the middle, you will be able to easily participate in all the activities—and more importantly, get to know the potential in the process. You can also have the peace of mind of knowing that no one will have the spotlight on them at any time.

In light of keeping in line with Islamic principles, our event will be constantly monitored by chaperones who will be there to make sure that all interactions are kept professional and focused. They will also be there to help facilitate conversation and answer questions as necessary.

Can I be sure that the information on my application will be kept private?

Absolutely. This is our amanah (trust) and we will not release your information to anyone without your permission. Your application will only be reviewed by the HOD Offline staff.

I am worried that others might find out I am going to be at this event. How will the event be kept private?

The only people that know that you are going to be at the event…are the people at the event (and of course the people you tell). The MCC Matrimony Committee or HOD Offline will not inform anyone of your attendance. We are also keeping the event location private. The venue address will only be sent to you once you have fully registered and paid. So please do not share the event location with anyone!

Is there a dress code?

Our only dress code is that your clothing must be in accordance with Islamic principles (clothes cannot be revealing, tight, or see-through). Other than that, feel free to express your personality! Keep in mind that you want to project yourself in the best way possible while remaining modest and true to yourself.

I do not wear a headscarf in public. Do I have to wear one to the event?

Although we highly encourage everyone to dress as closely in accordance with Islamic principles as possible, we will not ask that you wear a headscarf, as the event is not taking place in a masjid prayer space. That being said, anyone who is dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to participate in the event.

What precautions are you taking during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Given the social nature of the event, where attendees will be meeting new people for the first time and eating, we will be requiring masks for the duration of the event.

FAQs from HOD

How is the Offline process different?

We steer clear of the speed-dating approach. The 3 minutes you are giving to talk to each person is great if you are looking for a 3-hour relationship. But not so much for a life-long commitment. Right from receiving your application, we screen to ensure only the most compatible attend by screening all our applicants. Our events have an even ratio of men to women, giving everyone a fair chance. By engaging people in a fun and interesting activities, we break the ice and eliminate the awkwardness. Since all our attendees are also on HOD Online, the follow up after the event is rather simple.

Why do I need a Half Deen membership to attend?

One of the unique features of Half Deen Offline is that everyone at the event can be found on Half Deen Online. If you find someone interesting and would rather learn more about them before showing interest, you can view their profile online. There is no exchanging personal information because follow-up is done safely through our website after the event. You’ll have access to more than 3,000 active profiles. This way, even if you don’t find your ideal match at the offline event, you still have a great chance of finding them online. Our Offline events are for Members Only! You can become one by going to www.HalfDeen.com

What happens if the event is sold out?

We wish we could accommodate everyone! Due to the increasing popularity of this event, the seats do fill fast. We keep the ratio of women to men at 1:1. Due to this we sometimes have to temporarily halt the registration for the gender that’s ahead, until we can level the playing field. We ensure that everyone has an opportunity for a match. Keep checking the site to see when and where our next event will be.

What criteria do you screen applicants by?

We believe in quality matches. We don’t set the criteria, our applicants do. We review every application carefully and study your criteria for a spouse. We only invite those that meet your criteria so you have a great shot right from the start. We are the only Muslim organization that filters our applicants to ensure compatibility, therefore increasing the chances that you will find “The One”. InshAllah!

Something came up. I cannot make it?

For cancellation and refunds, you can claim that up to two weeks prior to the event with no conditions. For cancellations and refunds claimed up to one-week notice, you will be given a refund on the condition of finding an equal replacement for you to attend the event.

With respect to event planning, no refunds will be given after the one-week conditional cancellation cut-off. Please consider that for every person invited, there are a number of interested members turned away in order to keep good ratios and compatibility. If you missed the event, we cannot refund/transfer or give you credit for the next one. If you attended the event we cannot give you a refund due to you not finding your match.

Why is your event venue private?

We care about your privacy. Our event location is kept confidential and is only revealed to those who are paid and confirmed. Nobody knows you are at the event, except those at the event. We do not accept any walk-ups to the event.

Event Safety:

We’re encouraging our attendees and staff to adopt social distancing and sanitization measures to help keep everyone attending as safe as possible. As events are being scheduled again, their status may change due to developing safety policies, but we’ll keep you posted if that’s the case.

  • Mask Recommended: We recommend attendees to wear a mask during the event and in public areas (exceptions made while seated during snacks)
  • Clean Venue: Steps to sanitize surfaces throughout have been taken before the event.
  • Social Distancing: The recommended six feet of distance is suggested throughout the event for a safe distance event.
  • Temperature Checks: Attendees will be asked to submit to contactless temperature checks before entering the venue hall.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: Attendees can access various hand sanitizing stations that will be located throughout the venue.