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Join our weekly sisters’ virtual Seerah book club where we will have an active discussion, take away lessons for our daily lives, and insha Allah fall in love with the Prophet ﷺ. We are reading “The Sultan of Hearts Prophet Muhammad ﷺ” by Resit Haylamaz and Fatih Harpci.

RSVP for the live registration link at mcceastbay.org/bookclub

Event Details:

The discussion will take place every Wednesday from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. starting October 28 and continue into 2021. The webinar link is sent to registered attendees after registration.

Book Purchase:

If you wish to follow along with the book, you’ll need to purchase the book. The book is out of print, but can be purchased here:

Questions? bookclub@mcceastbay.org

About the Book
Offering a comprehensive narrative of one of the most fascinating life stories of human history, The Sultan of Hearts is an authoritative work on the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The book relies firmly on canonical Hadith collections and Sirah literature, and is rich with references to many contemporary biographical works such as Al-Maktabatu’s-Sirah, Al-Maktabatu’l-Alfiyah, and Al-Maktabatu’sh-Shamilah.

The Sultan of Hearts presents the life of the Prophet and the events that unfolded during his mission by contextualizing them with Qur’anic revelations.

Analyzing “reasons of revelation” (Asbab al-Nuzul), a method in Tafsir studies, authors portray how every revealed verse of God’s word transformed his society and they reconstruct the biography based on this interaction between the scripture and the events. The book lays bare the role of the Qur’an in the education of the large congregation of the Companions, and with it reveals the kind of teaching and drill that the Messenger of Allah exercised in his close circle.

The developments that preceded and followed the statements of the beloved Prophet are reported extensively in order to point to both the educational aspects of the Qur’an and the role of our noble Prophet in transforming people’s lives. There are also detailed accounts of the spiritual and psychological states of many individuals from those who believed the Prophet and those who did not.