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Soul of My Soul Exhibit Tables @ MCC Jumu’ahs

January 26 @ 12:30 pm 3:00 pm

Soul of My Soul Exhibit is hosting an art exhibit on Sunday, Jan. 28th, at Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave, Pleasanton, bringing attention to the genocide in Palestine via children’s art. See more here: https://mcceastbay.org/event/activism-art-for-people-of-palestine

During this Jumu’ah at MCC on Friday, January 26, Soul of My Soul volunteers will be at a table in the MCC Foyer during the three MCC Jumu’ahs, where children can contribute to this display by drawing on the spot.

Soul of My Soul is organizing this outdoor art exhibit in Pleasanton for the people of Palestine. The goal is to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis, push people to action, and provide reliable resources to the public to promote further education on Gaza and Palestine.

Questions? events@mcceastbay.org

Our organization group comprises Yosra, Sadaf, Deana, Dina, Zainab, and Omeera. We are a group of moms who decided something needs to be done about all this! We are not all Muslims or Arabs, but we are all humans.

Project goals

  1. Short term: a permanent ceasefire
  2. Defunding Israel

The name of our organization is flexible enough to continue after a ceasefire is reached and also to allow us to highlight other issues of the occupation or create new displays and exhibits.

Exhibit goals

  1. Expose those who only consume mainstream media to more of the story
  2. Push people to action – write to politicians, sign petitions, BDS, attend protests
  3. Present new sources and accounts people can follow so that they can continue their education after the event

We need to keep these goals in mind when consistently creating this exhibit. Everything must be done with intention and detail.

Overarching Theme

  • We want this to be quiet, calm, reflective.
  • Protests are loud and in your face.
  • This appeals to the human side of people, and the main goal is humanizing the victims.
  • We are also highlighting specific atrocities committed by Israel through the stories of the people whom they have killed.


We want to have a “brand” for several reasons:

  1. It helps us market our events in newspapers when advertising an “upcoming event.”
  2. It helps give us legitimacy when applying for permits
  3. Allows people to visit our site and access resources that were shared at the event
  4. Can encourage people to bring friends and family to our next event

List of Displays

We will have a variety of displays that are different in terms of color, size, positioning, medium, etc. This is intentional as it encourages people to walk through the exhibit, engage and interact with each unique display, and learn something new.

Each display will have a large poster with the piece’s name, the artist’s name, and an explanation of the issue the display is highlighting. Beside this large poster is a small (8.5” x 11”) paper that directs people to a QR code. Each QR code takes people to a relevant video or news article to the display they are viewing. All QR codes will be provided at the end and listed on our website so people can reference them later. 

(925) 485-1786

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