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Join us in honoring our Dear teacher Anse Nohad Hemmoudeh and her unmatched contributions towards her Qur’an students as she relocates from the Bay area to the land of Abdāls ‘al Shaam al Shareef [Syria]’. Our guest speakers will be Anse Nohad Hemmoudeh, Dr. Rania Awad, & Anse Sawsan Imady.

Sunday May 15 | 6 p.m. | Conference Room | Light Refreshments provided

The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, affirmed: ‘Verily I was sent as a teacher.’ and himself established the status and role of the teacher. He chose, prepared and sent Companions to teach whole communities. Of all aspects of Islamic education, the role of the teacher has been the most clearly defined one.
The teacher has always been more important than the books. Imam al-Shafi’i, the famous jurist, said: ‘Whoever learns from books will miss the required achievement’

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