**As we ease out of this pandemic and return our children to the community center this year, we are planning inshaAllah to go full throttle again on MCC’s popular youth activities. This is the latest update: https://mcceastbay.org/youth-update


The MCC is piloting a new Urdu and Farsi language program for the community beginning (Arabic classes are currently offered).

These classes will be hosted at the MCC with trained community teaching staff. The language classes are designed for children in grades Kindergarten to eight grade and specifically for children being raised in the U.S. With sufficient interest, the classes for Urdu would begin in Winter 2020 and the Farsi classes in Fall 2022.

The language curriculum is designed by the University of Maryland and the reading and writing practice materials are Kashif Urdu Books published by Oxford University Press. The language classes will also use supplemental books, videos, movies, and Urdu board games.

The classes will be once per week with homework assigned. Class times range from 60 to 75 minutes, based on the grade level.

The MCC is modeling its classroom curriculum based on a program that has been successful in Texas since 2013.

The full semester fees is $370.00 per student, with a 10 percent sibling discount. Books and classroom supplies are included in the fees.

Parents will need to register for the whole semester: January to May and August to December .

Due to teacher training, parent orientation, and student assessment in January, the Winter session is expected to begin in early February. The Winter semester fees will be prorated accordingly.

The MCC has a standing policy that financial need should never hold a person back from attaining spiritual or practical knowledge offered at the community center. Financial waivers will be available.

Our timeline is for the Farsi class is:

• Add your name to the interest list. Complete one form for each child.
• A two-day teacher training session is tentatively scheduled for summer.
• Parent information session tentatively scheduled in August.
• In person Student Assessment for Farsi grade level placement (K-2, 3-5 and 6-8) in early August.
• Online registration (with priority enrollment for parents on the interest list) by early August.
• Farsi Classes will start at end of August insha’Allah.

The timing for the class will be based on teacher availability and highest preference for day and time by parents on the waiting list.

For community members interested in becoming teachers, please visit https://mcceastbay.org/teachers

This class is only for children in Kindergarten to eight grade. This form is only for parents interested in Farsi class. For Urdu classes, visit: https://mcceastbay.org/urdu

For teen and adult classes, the MCC congregation is currently petitioning the Diablo Valley College (DVC) Language Department at the San Ramon campus to consider adding an Urdu class to its course offering. Keep an eye on the MCC weekly newsletter (https://mcceastbay.org/newsletter) for progress on adding that class.

The implementation of this class will be overseen by Sr. Shazia Khan Kajani locally and IAC of Texas.

Questions? farsi@mcceastbay.org