Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez is looking to find a female Muslim volunteer who can visit and assist with the Muslim sisters there.
Below are the guidelines as received from the Jail Chaplain: 
“We are a jail (not a prison.) We have one female module at West County (Richmond, CA) with approximately 80-100 inmates. 6 have identified themselves as Muslim.
  • 2 previously took Shehada in prison and are here temporarily.
  • 1 took Shehada to our facility with our volunteer Imam.
  • 3 are still learning and seeking and have not taken Shehada.
My hope is to set up a regular weekly or every 2 weeks group meeting. This would be led by a female and (hopefully) focus on deepening faith and faith practices.
  1. Your representative would need to pass county clearance, as well as apply for approved volunteer status with our non-profit. If you approve, I’ll go ahead and email you the forms.
  2. Your representative could not give/take anything from inmates. (A chaplain would be able to facilitate authorized distributions if needed, though we try to keep these to a minimum.)
  3. We have a strict no-touch rule, no exceptions.”
If you are interested, please message