The MCC does not have storage space or the means to accept donations of clothing household and items. For smaller donation items like clothing and household items, please drop off to the Hidaya Foundation’s Container Project in San Jose. Food items accepted via MCC’s food pantry project.

The MCC and Hidaya Foundation does NOT accept new or used mattresses.

The completed furniture donation form below is immediately sent to several refugee and Zakat coordinators in the East Bay and South Bay. If the coordinators are working with a family who could use your donation item, you will hear directly from that facilitator. If you do not hear back, no coordinator has a family in need of the items you are donating. Please consider donating the items to Savers, Goodwill, or listing the items up for free on Craigslist.

Due to lower living costs in Sacramento, families are being settled there and assisted by Al-Misbaah.
Your form submittal will also be sent to Al-Misbaah, which will contact you if they have a truck visiting your area.

To donate a vehicle, please complete this form.

Jazaka’Allah Khair and thank you for sharing the furniture item(s) you wish to donate.