September 23, 2021

MCC Mentorship Team is Ready!

MCC is launching a new mentorship program for East Bay Muslim youth. Our youth currently face many challenges in today’s society and a mentor would help them navigate through life challenges. Our goal is to build a sustainable mentoring program in the MCC area by increasing the capacity of youth leaders to become successful mentors by using evidence-based training and research while maintaining a culturally appropriate model.

We are currently looking for mentees ages 13-29 boys and girls. We have a team of 20 mentors who have graciously volunteered alhamdulillah. Each mentor has various backgrounds and will be paired with a mentee based on their criteria. Over the past year, our mentors went through various online training in mentoring, leadership, and mental health. If you would like to become a youth mentor, please fill out the form here:

Each mentee will meet with their mentor for one hour on a weekly basis virtually. This can be adjusted based on each individual schedule and needs.

Please share this message if you know someone who would be a good candidate.

MCC Mentorship Team