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November 19, 2022

Refugee Update in East Bay - Seeking Resume Coaches & Job Mentors

MCC and SRVIC have been assisting many refugees and others in the community with food, apartment set-ups, and means of transportation. We are now hoping to expand our offerings to provide a pilot program in employment services. We will need to develop two approaches: one for those fluent in English and another for those who do not yet have a command of the language.

To serve job seekers who are fluent in English, we will need the help of a pool of volunteer resumé coaches and job search mentors. Resumé coaches will assist applicants in preparing or strengthening their resumés. Job search mentors will be paired 1:1 with someone seeking work in a related field for advice and possibly training.

Please fill out this Google form if you are interested in serving as a resumé coach or job search mentor for someone who is fluent in English and is looking for work. 

Additional information about efforts to assist those without strong English language skills will be forthcoming.

There are many other ways you can volunteer to help refugees and others in need:

Do not drop off used items at the Muslim Community Center or San Ramon Valley Islamic Center.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at