The term ruqyah uses the Qur’an and its supplications as a method of healing and protection. It can treat a broad spectrum of problems stemming from physical, mental, and spiritual problems. The foundations of ruqya consist of reciting the Qur’an and/or its supplications with the premise of seeking assistance from Allah (swt) while simultaneously seeking refugee in Him.

We currently do not provide Rukya services due to the limited bandwidth of our Imam. You can also consider reaching out for virtual assistance to the Fitrah Centre.

Here are also some videos to help you:

Here are some online resources:

Ruqyah services are not currently offered via MCC East Bay.

Please get in touch with Shaykh Abu Imran Muhammad in Denver, Colorado, at (720) 447-5290. For Southern California, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ustadh Fouad at

For self-rukyah, recite three times a day in a water bottle:

  1. Surah Al Fatiah (7 times)
  2. Ayat Qursi (3 times)
  3. Sural Ikhlas (3 times)
  4. Surah Falaq (3 times)
  5. Surah Al Nass (3 times)

Then drink water, wash your face with it, and wipe your head with water. Detail instructions at