MCC has a standing policy that financial need should not hold a person seeking spiritual or practical knowledge offered within the four walls of the community center.

Here’s how to request a fee waiver:

  1. Please complete the scholarship request below for ticketed one-time events, workshops, and lectures over $30.00 and all weekly after-school and weekend classes (that are charged monthly).
  2. For one-time events under $30.00, no scholarship is required. Please request a message to specifying which event you wish to attend for a no-questions-asked code that will zero out the cost on the registration page.
Application for Educational Scholarship
Please use this form only to request a financial waiver for paid classes, camps, workshops, educational events or weekend or after-school offerings held at the MCC.

For events under $30.00, please email instead.

MCC East Bay is empowered by its generous congregation to mandate a standing policy that financial need should never hold back a community member or his or her family from partaking in any educational offering at the community center.

This includes classes, camps, Sunday School, weekend workshops, educational events and after-school Qur'an classes.

At our discretion, and based on the information you provide, MCC may subsidize or cover your cost by tapping its Education, Sadaqa or Zakat accounts.


This form is not needed for one-time event costs under $30. Simply email us for the discount code at

1. Primary Applicant


3. Household Income & Expenses

Proof of income OR prior year’s tax return required only with all recurring classes/sessions OR if a one-time MCC event fee is more than $50.00.

Monthly Gross Income

Monthly Expenses

Household Assets

4. Scholarship Request


You may also send these forms to
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Either last three months pay stubs for myself, my spouse, & my children (only if there are children in my household who are working) or my last year’s submitted tax return.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 7 files.

By entering my name below, I testify in front of Allah (SWT) that the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any information that I have given turns out to be untrue, my application will automatically be denied.