Aminah Abdullah
Community Services Manager
(925) 264-9297
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Aminah has been serving MCC since 2017. She heads the Zakat/charity outreach, food pantry, human resources, and finance departments. She develops new methods to serve the community’s needs better.


Mirwies Hasan Samimi
Facility Caretaker
(925) 785-9002 

Mirwies has been serving the MCC East Bay community since 2018. He manages facility repairs, sets up and tears down and he provides support services for public and private events, interfaces with vendors and maintains vendor contracts, supervises and delegates responsibilities to facility volunteers, and manages the overall cleanliness of the MCC facility as well as MCC’s offsite food pantry warehouse.


Liz Duran
Convert Care Coordinator

(925) 553-4113
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Lizette is a Bay Area native. The Bay Area is also her Islamic birthplace. In 2015, she took her Shahada (Declaration of Faith) at the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland. Since then, she has been an active part of the East Bay Muslim community. She loves connecting with sisters and forming community connections. She has served the MCC revert community since 2022.


Nadia Ann
Case Manager
(925) 718-8993
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Nadia has been serving the MCC community since 2020 as a volunteer. She joined the organization in 2024. Nadia focuses on assisting families who apply for help connected to social and support services. Her community interests are homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence, and housing insecurity.

Sehyr Elahi
Finance/Charity Programs Administrator
(925) 485-1786 Ext. 5

Sehyr joined the organization in 2023. Sehyr assists local families applying for Zakat assistance and car program, facilitates financial administration, and administers enrollment in MCC’s after-school Quran, Hifz, and Arabic classes


Munir Safi
Community Director
(925) 623-2927
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Munir Safi cut his teeth as a breaking newspaper reporter for several years in his home state of Missouri before finding a second career in Islamic nonprofit management after he moved to California. He has served the MCC East Bay community since 2016. He oversees the facility, programming, events, classes, congregation support, website, marketing, communications, A/V and media, information technology, social media, interfaith, community, prison outreach, and providing support services to MCC’s varied social services


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Please keep these community servants in your duas as we strive to expand our services and better support the community we are privileged to serve professionally and courteously. This dynamic team is dedicated to our mission of facilitating the realization of Islam, Iman (faith), and Ihsan (excellence) through immersion in service to one’s community.

Please note all MCC employees are mandated reporters – meaning that if the abuse or neglect of a child or an elderly person is disclosed to them, they will report that abuse to the proper authorities.