Request for a Bay Area Nonprofit to Table During Friday Jumu’ah Prayers
We believe in providing our congregation with opportunities each Friday to learn about San Francisco Bay Area organizations that are empowering lives in our community, nation, and the world. See how we do this!

Local nonprofits (headquartered or founded in the Bay Area only or with an affiliate office here) may request a Friday table every six months, except in Ramadan, to bring awareness for an event, fundraiser, or project. MCC will not announce an event at Jumu'ah without the presence of a nonprofit representative.

MCC does not accommodate international or national organizations without a local presence. MCC may grant an exception for a national nonprofit addressing an emergency humanitarian crisis. MCC positively does not accommodate guest Khutbah sermons paired with sermon or post‐prayer donation appeal.

The weekly Friday Jumu'ah times are on our prayer page. Please plan to table during all services and to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the first service for setup. MCC will provide one 6-foot rectangular table that is set in the foyer area. The nonprofit may put out a donation box and provide a credit swiping option for donations while tabling.

Nonprofits that will be tabling are blocked off on the MCC Master Calendar. Please check for available Fridays before submitting your request.


Minimum of Two Proposed Friday Dates:

MCC allows a maximum of two nonprofit organizations to table in its foyer each Friday.
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Check each box on this checklist to confirm a complete application and that you agree to abide by our tabling guidelines:

I understand that MCC has specific guidelines on how our organization supports a nonprofit organization. I have reviewed those criteria at