On Friday evening, Sidi Quran Hodge gave us beautiful insights into the story of Moses (AS) and Al-Khidr in the Qur’an and gave us tips on analyzing ourselves within both characters to manage how we respond when certain situations and challenges arise.

About the Speaker
Qur’an Hodge is a Bay Area native. He began his Islamic education in 2019, studying Arabic at the Al Maqasid Seminary in Pennsylvania. Sidi Quran continued to Dar Al Mustafa, a Yemeni Islamic university in Tarim, Hadhramaut. At this Islamic seminary founded by Habib Umar bin Hafiz, Sidi Qur’an studied Ibtidaiyya, Hadith, Aqida, Seerah, Nahw, Quran Hifzdh, Kitaba, and Tafseer in classical Arabic.

Sidi Quran Hodge has completed certificates in Taleef Collective’s Refing the Core and Zaytuna College’s Permaculture Program. He is passionate about creatively working on community issues, particularly the challenges Muslim youth face. He lives with his wife and child in Castro Valley.