August 28, 2021

Twelve Refugee Families From Afghanistan

*All 12 families were sponsored on August 29. Alhamdulliah. To be informed about future such opportunities, please join our refugee support list.**

Twelve Afghan refugee families are currently detained in a country outside of Afghanistan. That country wants these families out ASAP and the 12 families are approved to come to anywhere in the U.S.

We have until this Monday, Aug. 30 to find a sponsor for each family. The fiduciary sponsor can be a wealthy individual or family, a mosque/nonprofit organization, or a group of families or friends that will cover the family’s expenses for one year (about $3,000/month if in the Bay Area). That includes housing, food, and pocket money. The families may settle anywhere in the U.S.

What will they need when they arrive?

  • Transportation Pick up from the airport
  • Housing an immediate place to stay (like a free Airbnb) and then a furnished home or apartment. The embassy homes to get families settled close to large Afghan American communities.
  • Job All families are authorized to work in the U.S. and the goal is to make the family self-sufficient in a couple months. All but one family speaks English.
  • Acclimate Help enroll children in school and parents in ESL classes

Who are the families?

  • Qaem Family of 4 – one daughter (age 12) and one son (age 5)
  • Arefi Family of 1
  • Ravish Family of 3  – one son (age 8)
  • Faizi Family of 7 – four daughters (ages 19, 14, 9, and 4) and one son (age 17)
  • Amiri Family of 3 – one son (age 9)
  • Nesar Family of 5 – one daughter (age 7) and two sons (ages 4 and 1)
  • Rokay Family of 4 – one daughter (age 6) and one son (age 3)
  • Ahmadzai Family (3) – one daughter (age 1.5)
  • Elham Family (4) – one son (age 4) and one daughter (age 1)
  • Jamal Family (4) – one daughter (age 7) and one son (age 4)
  • Safi Family (5) – three sons (ages 8, 6, and 4); one son has special needs
  • Omar Family (3) – one son (age 2)

How do I get started?

I have additional questions?

Fawad Shaiq at is familiar with the process and he can answer your questions.

I cannot do this, but what else can I do to help MCC?

See here for other opportunities:

I want to adopt an orphan or unattended child coming to the U.S. from Afghanistan.

That information has been debunked. See here:

 What resources are there if I want to bring my relative from Afghanistan?

If you have a family member or friend who is in danger in Afghanistan, we recommend that you reach out to your local member of Congress. You can find your representative here: Here are additional details:

I want to instead send money to Afghanistan? How?

There are a few international organizations helping in Afghanistan: