February 28, 2023

World Hijab Day @ MCC | 02.25.23

MCC marked the World Hijab Day global campaign with the 2nd annual World Hijab Day Celebration! This year’s theme is “Progression, not Oppression.” Our sisters enjoyed an afternoon celebrating the noble Hijab, with women-owned clothing & food vendors, age-specific hijab activities, and an uplifting and inspirational talk on Hijab by Sr. Sanaa Subhani.

MCC is proud to support #WorldHijabDay in February to stand against bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice Muslim girls and women worldwide face in hijab. In its 10th year, World Hijab Day Organization has continued dismantling bias, prejudice, and discrimination against Muslim women through awareness, education, and empowerment. Taking part in this event and every bit of support means more victories for our sisters who are unfairly targeted and harassed for their choice of wearing hijab globally. World Hijab Day is a global campaign to promote religious tolerance, cultural understanding, and international solidarity.

The goal of this second-annual event is to provide sisters – both Hijabi and non-Hijabi – with an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the Hijab and promote pride in carrying on this noble tradition and campaign for a world where Muslimahs can proudly and freely practice her faith;
  • Create an environment where sisters feel empowered, supported, and inspired to wear hijab (particularly youth girls finding sorority and support)
  • Host a bazaar where attendees can purchase modest clothing that supports Muslimah-run Islamic businesses and lunch from female-run food vendors.