The MCC believes in the power of prayer!

Any person who is a resident in the East Bay Area (generally Alameda and Contra Costa counties) may request the addition of a relative and a friend in the weekly Friday prayer services dua list. The Jumu’ah services at the MCC are attended by more than 500 worshipers.  Submit your prayer request here.

Additionally, the MCC will send a community-wide message on its dedicated Death Announcement listserv (subscribe here). The criteria for this additional community service are:

  1. a community member who prays at the MCC (does not need to be a member) or at a partner Tri-Valley masjid (SRVIC or ICL);
  2. the deceased must be immediate family, namely a parent, a sibling or a grandparent, and;
  3. the death must be reported to us within one week of the death.

The MCC may make exception for religious or community leaders who have served the wider Muslim community in the San Francisco Bay Area community.

Due to the volume of requests we receive weekly, we cannot accept a request from around the U.S. or world.

Submit the dua request here.