The Muslim Community Center (MCC) is looking for on-call Dari/Farsi-speaking volunteers who can help with translation for our programs, including providing supplies, groceries, and other charity and support services. It would be helpful to have availability during weekday hours, but evening and weekend help could also be useful.
Additionally, Dari/Farsi-speaking volunteers are also needed for translation support for pro bono asylee cases. Translators could serve on Zoom but may sometimes be required to accompany the client to court. 
Please email if you’re interested in helping. Include answers to the following:
– What are the hours you’re available?
– Are you comfortable with both spoken and written communication in Dari/Farsi or just spoken?
– Are you interested in general MCC support or in working with asylee applicants?
Thank you for your consideration. 
Here are other ways to support refugees and others in need through MCC/SRVIC:

Do not drop off used items at the Muslim Community Center or San Ramon Valley Islamic Center.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at