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Ethical Meat, Diary & Produce Consumption | Fahim Alwan

January 20 @ 11:00 am 12:30 pm

Inspired by the Hadith, “the stomach is the house of diseases, and prevention is the best medicine,” join a two-decade veteran in the health food industry to talk about the trickle-down effect corporate-controlled agribusiness has on our health, particularly meat, dairy, and produce. 

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. | Saturday, January 20 | Prayer Hall | Join us in person or watch virtually live or on replay at mcceastbay.org/live

This discussion aims to unravel the profound impact of conscientious food choices on our well-being. We will learn about the stark differences between organic/nonorganic foods, grass-fed versus non-grass-fed meat, and more.

Questions? events@mcceastbay.org

About the Presenter
Under the guidance of Shuyook in Homs, Syria, Fahim Alwan first developed a fundamental understanding of Islam. He embarked on a lifelong journey exploring human health.

His educational foundation in agricultural engineering and marketing set the stage for a career in various health and health food industries, from selling medical equipment to vitamins and supplements to ultimately leading to a profound realization about the essence of well-being: quality food.

Inspired by the Prophetic Hadith, who said that “the stomach is the house of diseases, and prevention is the best medicine,” Fahim dedicated himself to providing the highest quality food to the Muslim community.

His commitment extended to help source fresh organic meat and produce from local farmers to create a tangible impact on people’s health.

Observing the transformative effects of his work, Fahim intensified his efforts to help those in need of essential, health-conscious foods. 

As he posed critical questions about the connection between ethical food choices and health, he pondered the stark difference between factory-farmed products and locally sourced, ethical, and organic alternatives.

Fahim founded BlossomPure Organic, an eco-certified halal organic, grass-fed meat and poultry company, in 2002 in Ontario, Canada. 

(925) 485-1786

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