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This weekend, learn the fiqh of fasting in three Madhabs (Schools of Thoughts):

Sponsored by Zaytuna College

The month of Ramadan rapidly approaches, enjoining upon us the directives to fast and give zakat. Zaytuna College faculty are offering two weekends of live fiqh classes for the Hanafi, Maliki, and Shafi‘i madhhabs streaming on both Zaytuna College’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, focusing on fasting and zakat.

The two-weekend series, Prepare for Ramadan with Zaytuna College, will feature faculty members Imam Tahir Anwar, Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, and Shaykh Talal Ahdab. After each talk, the faculty members will take questions from the online audience. Recordings of the classes will also be available on Zaytuna’s YouTube channel if you cannot attend the live events.

Series Schedule
Faculty Topic Madhhab Date and Time
Imam Tahir Anwar Fiqh of Fasting Hanafi Friday, March 26 | 5 pm PDT
Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Fiqh of Fasting Maliki Saturday, March 27 | 5 pm PDT
Shaykh Talal Adhab Fiqh of Fasting Shafi‘i Sunday, March 28 | 5 pm PDT
Imam Tahir Anwar Fiqh of Zakat Hanafi Friday, April 2 | 5 pm PDT
Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Fiqh of Zakat Maliki Saturday, April 3 | 5 pm PDT
Shaykh Talal Adhab Fiqh of Zakat Shafi‘i Sunday, April 4 | 5 pm PDT


Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali is a faculty member at Zaytuna College who teaches courses in Islamic law and prophetic tradition. He also specializes in Islamic law with particular emphasis on commercial law, family law and inheritance law. He has translated written works of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali and Abu Hamid al-Ghazali as well as authored numerous books and articles.