Our Ask Imam service is an outlet for all members of the East Bay community to get their religious questions answered by one of the many rotating Imams, Muftis, scholars, and students of knowledge who grace our mimbar for Jumu’ah each Friday. This consultation form is only for East Bay residents. For South Bay residents, please contact the MCA Bay Area. For non-Bay Area residents, please visit https://askthescholars.com

Please state your question in a brief, clear, and concise manner. Note, MCC East Bay and the scholars we work with reserve the right to NOT answer inappropriate or too private questions. This is a best-effort service provided by MCC. While every effort will be made to answer questions on a first-come, first-served basis, there is no guarantee that every question will be answered quickly.

If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, please do not submit a question to us. We are a regional masjid tasked with serving the East Bay Muslim community.
Please note that the requester must be in the San Francisco Bay Area. MCC East Bay is a regional organization primarily serving the 90,000 Muslim community in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.