Welcome to Cub Scouts Pack 981, sponsored by MCC East Bay.

The vision of Pack 981 is to nurture community-driven, God-conscious, confident, and skillful young men. The pack is for boys from Kindergarten to fifth grade (ages 5 to 11). Additional parent volunteers are needed to start a troop for boys ages 11-17.

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Questions? Contact us at cubscout981@mcceastbay.org 

Scouting is a year-round adventure-based program designed to offer and encourage effective leadership, character, citizenship, and fitness training for youths.

What do Cub Scouts do?

    • Pinewood Derby – customize your race car and watch it fly down the track
    • Blue & Gold Dinner – help recognize Scouting’s beginnings
    • Pack family camping trip – learn new skills and share talents over a campfire
    • Summer Camp – have fun all week and learn new skills
    • Service Projects – join in service projects for the school and broader community
    • Scout-O-Rama – enjoy a countrywide Scouting carnival
    • Scouting for Food – help the needy with canned goods

What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is dedicated to a rewarding experience with activities that capture boys’ interest yet are fun for the entire family, including siblings. Our Cub Scouts learn essential skills and enjoyment of outdoor activities, community involvement, personal safety, sports, arts & crafts, and the environment. Scouting is fun with a purpose; the goal is to raise boys who respect themselves and others and have strong character.

How are the Cub Scouts organized?

All of the boys are organized into dens of similar grade levels. Dens are a great way to make and stay in touch with friends. Boys may join at any grade. Dens meet throughout the month at MCC East Bay, where the boys do activities that apply to the requirements in their books.

  • Kindergarteners are in Lions den
  • 1st graders are in Tigers den
  • 2nd graders are in Wolves den
  • 3rd graders are in the Bears den
  • 4th& 5th graders are in Webelos dens

These different dens are gathered together into a Pack. The Pack meets monthly at MCC, featuring skits, games, award recognition, and other fun activities.

Why do parents like Cub Scouts?

  • Builds children’s self-esteem
  • Kids have fun learning practical skills and knowledge
  • Lots of recognition of achievement
  • Trips to enjoyable places you might not get to otherwise
  • Meet other families with similar interest
  • Parents and siblings are involved
  • Have fun with your son!

Questions? Contact us at cubscout981@mcceastbay.org 

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