**The Rahmah Foundation girls halaqa at the MCC is now full. Please join wait-list: http://mcceastbay.org/rahmah-waitlist

Join MCC’s 27-week 2019-20 Friday evening halaqas for girls from ages 4 to 18.

These sessions are aimed at crafting the next generation of confident and faithful Muslimahs. The program is overseen by Dr. Rania Awaad at The Rahmah Foundation. Girls & teens are placed in halaqas based her age or grade level.

The program includes Qur’an recitation, age-appropriate halaqa topics overseen by Sr. Aminah Abdullah, crafts, and local outings and games.

7 p.m. to 9 p.m. | Fridays from Sept. 6 until Ramadan 2020

Cost: $400 one-time fee for the entire program or $50/month for 8 months, per participant. Limited spaces in each grades-specific halaqa available on first-come, first serve basis. Register here. Once registration is full, join waitlist here.

The holiday break schedule is:

  • Nov. 22-29 (Thanksgiving Holiday Break)
  • Dec. 20 to Jan. 3 (Winter Break)
  • March 27 to April 3 (Spring Break)

The MCC has a standing policy that financial need should never hold a family in the East Bay from benefiting from any offering at the MCC facility. To request a financial waiver, please complete application at mcceastbay.org/scholarship.

Questions? Email Girls Camp Coordinator Sr. Aminah Abdullah at rahmah@mcceastbay.org or call 925-485-1786 Option 4.

To register for this program, please click here. Once registration is full, join waitlist here.

For the parallel boy’s Navigator Friday evening halaqas at MCC, see here (mcceastbay.org/navigator) and for Dr. Rania women’s and Shaykh Rami’s men’s halaqas on Friday evenings, see here (mcceastbay.org/halaqas).

Description of Rahmah Halaqa Groups:
Frogs and Bunnies (Preschool & Kindergarten) – This halaqa is uniquely designed for girls ages 4-5. Activities include Qur’an recitation, nasheeds, stories, crafts, games, and activities. The girls will venture into the unique story world of two friends, frog and bunny, who are very different, yet best of friends. The girls will learn about the fun times that these two friends share together as they learn from each other, learn about Allah, and the qualities of cleanliness, sharing, telling the truth, respecting their parents, helping others and so much more.
Rainbows (1st – 3rd grade) – The goal of the Rainbows program is to give the girls a sense of identity and feeling of belonging. The girls learn a love and proper adab of the Quran as they continue their journey in memorizing. The skill building portion includes 7 parts, like 7 colors of a rainbow: thikr, quran, rainbow talk, stories of the prophets, characteristics of the prophet, songs and a craft activity. Rainbow topics include – proper manners, sharing, modesty, friendship, loving our parents, etc.
Busy Bees (4th – 5th grade) – Busy Bees is a mentorship program designed to develop confident young Muslimahs who love Islam and have a stronger connection with the Quran. It places a heavy focus on developing interpersonal and social skills through fun and practical skill building activities that encourage them to embody the qualities of an excellent Muslimah. The program is centered around a bee hive which is shaped like a hexagon – hardworking, skilled, offer healing, clean and neat, important to the world, having excellent adab.
Rosebuds (6th – 8th grade) – Rosebuds is a program for tween girls in grades 6th-8th. Is is a safe space where they can form a sense of belonging, create positive relationships, strengthen their self-esteem, learn important life skills, have clean fun and most importantly, create a healthy support group made up of their own peers that they can fall back on as they navigate through life, all the while growing closer to Allah SWT week after week, halaqa after halaqa.
Birds of Paradise (9th-12th grade) – Birds of Paradise is a place where girls can learn, grow in their deen and build lasting support circles. It provides a safe sounding board for young Muslim women to receive guidance, based on sound Islamic knowledge, as they navigate these exciting yet often challenging years in their lives. It is filled with du’a, the acquirement of Islamic knowledge and positive peer pressure.